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Strawberries in February and asparagus in September? In times of everything seemingly available all the time it’s not easy to keep the seasonality of food in order.

To respect the credo of good, clean and fair is not a question of sacrifice anymore, it’s rather about getting inspired by the seasonal market offer. All four seasons bear great culinary variety!


Slow Food Youth Switzerland stands up for spreading the knowledge about high quality, sustainably and locally produced food.
In a collaboration of the initiators Anna Pearson and Flurina Gradin with the graphic designer and illustrator Nando von Arb the calendar of seasons «Calendarium Culinarium» was created.
The calendar conveys the seasonality of 100 vegetable and fruit varieties which are cultivated in Switzerland, put in order according the annual cycle and labeled in three national languages.


In two years, 5 editions were printed and over 5000 copies were sold. SFY Switzerland has earned about 50.000 CHF.


The calendar was never promoted actively – it is a self runner. If we would have the capacities for promotion, we surely could sell the double in Switzerland.


The «Calendarium Culinarium» helped the Slow Food Youth movement to get recognized by a wider public.

We achieved our aim to draw attention to the topics of seasonality, ecological and local food production and biodiversity.
Often, the calendar is given as a meaningful gift; people buy severals at once. The calendar is present in dining halls, professional kitchen, shops, schools and offices. Every now and then one finds the calendar in the background in articles about chefs or ads for flat rental.

Often, the calendar is given as a meaningful gift; people buy severals at once.