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A wide collection of diverse calendars, which not only represent biodiversity of edible plants worldwide, but also documents diversity on an artistic and aesthetical level.

This collection should be presented at the Salone del Gusto 2018 in Turin as a symbol of the global SFY Network.


Enthusiastic about our project «Calendarium Culinarium 2.0»?

  • Write us and we will start an exchange of informations and details about the project.
  • Find 1-2 enthusiastic people of your Slow Food (Youth) group and create your calendar team.
  • Develop a concept for the content, if necessary with the help of partner organizations and experts.
  • Watch out for a talented graphic designer or artist who can translate your content in a aesthetical language of high quality.
  • We constantly keep in touch and exchange about your groups’ progress, questions and solutions.